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2022 IWWF Oceania Water Ski Racing Championships

International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Oceania Championships

NOVEMBER 19th and 20th – MULWALA NSW

“What are the IWWF Oceania Championships?”

The IWWF Oceania Championships are the official IWWF sanctioned international water ski championships in the Oceania region previously known as Asia/Australasia that are held approximately every four years. New Zealand hosted the last championships in 2018. The event will be run according to the IWWF Racing Rules.

The Oceania Championships is a world-wide, unique event with the following facets of water skiing – Barefoot, Waterski (Tournament), Show Ski, Wakeboard, Ski Racing and a new event The Oceania Ultimate all conducting their regional championships concurrently at three venues with the Mulwala Water Ski Club and its facilities as the base for this excellent event.


Any SRA or SRNZ Member aged 13 and over

Competitors and Boats will be restricted to their current SRA Speed Cap.

The following classes will be included o 40-49 Men and Women o 50+ Men and Women
o Open Women and Formula Il Women o Junior Boys and Junior Girls o Open Men and Formula II Men

30mins + 1 lap

30mins + 1 lap

40mins + 1 lap

30mins + 1 lap

45mins + 1 lap

Junior Skiers

The minimum age of any skier participating in the Junior Championships is 13 years as at the 31st December 2008.

The maximum age of any skier participating in the Junior World Championships is 16 years as at the 31st December 2005.

Juniors may only ski behind an F2 Boat.

Skiers aged 40 and over

Skiers aged 40-49 are speed capped to 110MPH, Skiers aged 50 and over are speed capped to 85MPH.

Skiers in these two age divisions may also enter Open or Formula 2 in addition to their 40-49 or 50+ age entry.

Entry Forms –

Entries Close – 15 November 2022

Season Update

2021 – 2022 Season Update

Welcome to the second half of our season.  Your 2021/2022 membership is current until 31 December 2022.

MAJOR EVENTS up to 31 December 2022

1 & 2 October

  • Grafton Bridge to Bridge.

15 & 16 October

  • NSW H120 – With the damage to the Hawkesbury River, Ski Racing NSW is going on the road and will be hosting this year’s H120 on the Manning River Taree. The ‘Bridge to Beach’ is an exciting development that will see the return of ski racing to a beautiful NSW waterway.   

29 & 30 October

  • Murray Darling 110 – Ted Hurley Ski Race

12 November

  • Beehag 100 Water Ski Race

26 & 27 November

  • Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic 



  • Medical and CPR (minimum of HTLAID009) expire on 30 June. 

Competitors are reminded to check that their Medical and CPR are current.  No exemptions will be given for competitors to race without a current Medical or CPR. 

Give yourself enough time to book an appointment or course. Once completed please email a copy of your new certificate to

  • Medical forms can be found on our website under the Membership tab


  • Safety Scrutineering is required before any boat can compete in an SRA sanctioned event. 

2021-22 Season  –  Gate 4 – Prior to any boat competing in its next event. 


  • 2023 Season

Gate 1 – Opens 1 February 2023.  All boats regardless of whether having competed or not must be re-scrutineered. 

**  New boats for the 2023 season must be scrutineered prior to their first race **

Gate 1 note – All boats with cable steering are required to change their steering cable.

Gate 1 note – All V-drives must have their prop and rudder crack tests.



  • The age of competitors prior to midnight on 30 June 2022 determines their eligibility for age divisions for the season. Rule 8.4a (ii).  

You’ll note that there has been a change to the calendar for the “season” year, but not to the “age division” year.

The Ski Racing Australia season is now the calendar year – membership runs from 1 January to 31 December. This is a requirement for insurance and

unfortunately there isn’t any way to change this at this time.

However, there has not been a change to the age divisions.

As before, a competitor’s age on 30 June(annually) determines eligibility for age divisions.


What does this mean for you right now?

For juniors, and those seniors racing age divisions, your division may have changed on 1 July 2022. 

This may also mean your age-related speed restriction has changed.

If your age/speed division has changed on 1 July 2022, eligible members will not be charged any additional fees to go “up” a division for the remainder of 2022. 

SRA’s membership administrator will be updating the system to reflect these changes. If you think you should be changed, or if you want further clarification, email


What should you do next year?

When you are completing membership applications for the 2023 season (1 Jan 2023 – 31 Dec 2023), note that your age division (and any associated speed restriction) will automatically be updated on 1 July 2023. At this time, SRA has not determined if an additional fee will be payable due to the mid-year change in 2023.


We’re aware that these changes might cause some confusion for age division racers, as the calendar year doesn’t align with the summer season and existing ski racing seasons. However the new arrangement has been determined in consultation with the state ski racing bodies.

We can’t wait to see you all back on the water.

Let’s go racing!

Ski Racing Australia

Water Traffic Restrictions Murray Bridge

Notice is given that pursuant to Section 26 of the Harbors and Navigation Act 1993, Department for Infrastructure and Transport has granted an Aquatic Activity Licence to Ski Racing South Australia to conduct water ski racing on an area of the River Murray at Murray Bridge as follows:
For the full width of the river upstream end of Hume Reserve to 200 metres upstream of the Swanport Bridge on 11th, 12th, and 13th June 2022 between the hours of 8.00 am and 4.30 pm each day.
No access corridor will be provided – vessels may pass through the licensed area only at the discretion of the duty boat operators.

SA Titles Presentation Night

Swanport Hotel 7:30pm

SA Titles 2022

Entries are now open for the SA Titles to be held in Murray Bridge on the June long weekend.

Racing Racing Racing- Let’s go Racing

SEASON IS GO!! – Racing to commence in November

It seems the Covid God’s are finally giving us a break and it is with enormous relief, the Board of SRA along with the Heads of States and Clubs, the SRA Racing Committee and the Safety Committee, are in a position to announce a go live for the season.

There’s been a bit of work done since we last communicated, mainly to consider the start/end dates of the new season. We are super conscious none of us have raced in some time, so our proposal is to come back to racing with the best deal we can offer. Please see dot points below –

Your 12 month membership will now include –

• A 14 month season – starting in November 2021 and concluding 31st Dec 2022;
• An early bird discount extension of 10% for those who pay prior to Oct 31st, 2021;
• 10 Classic events (normally its 8) plus the new format Barry Beehag 100km race;
• A second boat policy (second to none) where if you do not utilise your second boat simultaneously in the same race, in the next race you can substitute your boat out for the other at no cost;
• The addition of a new tiered approach to your membership, ensuring lower risk classes are rewarded with a lower cost membership;
• A new ‘Tier 8’ racing format for clubs wanting to run lower cost races and to entice old and new members into the sport. SRA is extremely proud of this approach, with Region V and Cliftonville clubs re affiliating themselves with SRA. Our aim is to attract other clubs from Queensland, Victoria and South Australia to this format to get boats out of sheds and old members dusting off their gear;
• A reasonable sized discount on your individual and boat membership vs last year.

Races will recommence as soon as 30th October at some venues and most States and Clubs in NSW and Qld will kick off through Nov and Dec. Vic is awaiting an increased Vaccination rate but are getting ready to go with plans to race on 13th 14th of November (TBC).

Our first Classic race will be the Ted Hurley on January 22/23. We urge everyone to enter a couple of local Point Scores / Series Days or local events prior to your first race. Any time you spend back in the saddle will be good time as we will all likely be a bit rusty.

Our Calendar will be available in the next week or so.

Lastly, our COVID refund policy –
SRA is a Not-for-profit organisation and plan to provide a membership refund where Classic races are interrupted by COVID-19. This will be based on the cost of insurance at that point in time (non refundable portion) and then based on the percentage of the year/races that have been impacted. Our focus is on the Classics, as Series Days and Point Scores can be re-scheduled where possible.

Racing wherever you are racing, will house some minor differences. Please be patient with officials and fellow competitors as we all start to understand what that might look like.

We cant wait to see you all back on the water.

Let’s Go Racing

SRA Board

By SkiRacing |October 8th, 2021