CEO update and SRA 20/21 calendar released


It has been some time since my last CEO update – August 2019 to be exact and whilst I vacated the CEO chair I have continued to work with the previous and now newly elected board behind the scenes on a part-time basis. As our new Chair, Rowena McNally wrote a week or so ago I have resumed the CEO role at SRA effective July 1, but still on a part-time basis. This is predominantly a cost saving decision, however I assure our members the effort and work behind the scenes has been anything but part-time from our dedicated new board.

There is no “sugar coating” that ALL sports currently face an uncertain future during these unprecented times. Whilst all business and sports included have been put under immense pressure since March this year, the board of SRA and our new Chair have been “zooming” regularly and spent many hours navigating the best way forward for Ski Racing to continue, along with our stakeholders. Whilst there probably has been plenty of “bank talk” even though no-one is spending anytime at a river or lake lately, I assure all our members that we intend to go racing again and as soon as possible. Naturally this has to be in-line with Federal and State Government health guidelines, but we are finally in a position to release the SRA Calendar for 2020-21. This calendar, whilst final at the time of printing, needs to be treated as a “final draft” as like all sports we may have to adjust on the run.

Within the coming days you will see a “Return to Race” document also published. This outlines the protocols and requirements for members and event organisers when we are back racing. All sports have created/implemented a similar set of procedures and this will also ensure not only do we get back racing, but have all events run in a consistent and most importantly safe manner.

As Rowena has already stated in her Chair update, we have faced several challenges not the least Insurance and that is why it has taken a little longer to release a reduced calendar for the coming season. Happily, all of the Classics remain, but our club and state point score days have had to be reduced to bring the overall operational cost to the sport down.

Shortly you will receive your membership renewal. Again, these have taken a little longer to get out this year but not due to a potential lack of racing or a cancellation of racing full stop. At this time, I also need to thank Sue our Membership Manager who works remotely like myself and is working flat out to get everything out!

In closing, on behalf of the Chair and Board of SRA we are doing everything possible to ensure the “Ultimate Lifestyle Sport” is back on the water racing again very soon and more importantly comes out the other side of this pandemic in the best shape possible.

Yours in Ski Racing,

Cam McConville

CEO – Ski Racing AustraliaBy SkiRacing|July 9th, 2020

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