2022 IWWF Oceania Water Ski Racing Championships

International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Oceania Championships

NOVEMBER 19th and 20th – MULWALA NSW

“What are the IWWF Oceania Championships?”

The IWWF Oceania Championships are the official IWWF sanctioned international water ski championships in the Oceania region previously known as Asia/Australasia that are held approximately every four years. New Zealand hosted the last championships in 2018. The event will be run according to the IWWF Racing Rules.

The Oceania Championships is a world-wide, unique event with the following facets of water skiing – Barefoot, Waterski (Tournament), Show Ski, Wakeboard, Ski Racing and a new event The Oceania Ultimate all conducting their regional championships concurrently at three venues with the Mulwala Water Ski Club and its facilities as the base for this excellent event.


Any SRA or SRNZ Member aged 13 and over

Competitors and Boats will be restricted to their current SRA Speed Cap.

The following classes will be included o 40-49 Men and Women o 50+ Men and Women
o Open Women and Formula Il Women o Junior Boys and Junior Girls o Open Men and Formula II Men

30mins + 1 lap

30mins + 1 lap

40mins + 1 lap

30mins + 1 lap

45mins + 1 lap

Junior Skiers

The minimum age of any skier participating in the Junior Championships is 13 years as at the 31st December 2008.

The maximum age of any skier participating in the Junior World Championships is 16 years as at the 31st December 2005.

Juniors may only ski behind an F2 Boat.

Skiers aged 40 and over

Skiers aged 40-49 are speed capped to 110MPH, Skiers aged 50 and over are speed capped to 85MPH.

Skiers in these two age divisions may also enter Open or Formula 2 in addition to their 40-49 or 50+ age entry.

Entry Forms – https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/Lf2SROzudal

Entries Close – 15 November 2022

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